Content Revolution Workshop - Mark Masters

content revolution workshop

Mark Masters at The ID Group organised an information workshop based around the topic of "Content Marketing" and this took place at the Shelley Theatre in Bournemouth on 16th July 2015. The workshop was attended by a mix of local businesses and creative/marketing professionals, and included online Skype sessions with Ian Rhodes (a "northern" based marketer) and Liz Pavitt from Rubber Republic in London.

The importance of "content marketing" is becomming more prevailent, and how best to engage with customers and clients can be achieved by considering the following factors:

  • Develop your story (whose perspective do you include?)
  • The importance of honesty and integrity, as highlighted by the spoof Bodyform advert
  • Identifying customer Persona's
  • Take risk and making mistakes is part of a ongoing process to achieve results

We don't need to rely on techniques we've relied on for years, we need to change, we sometimes need to do things we may necessarily be un-familiar with, and be bold and Mark has learnt through asking questions and being comfortable with the notion of being "uncomfortable".

Giraffe Design is looking forward to the next workshop.

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