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Digital Checklist - Business Resilience!

14th April 2020

This impact of Covid-19 is alarming but has also given me the opportunity to look at some house-keeping and ways of continuing to provide advice and assistance to local companies, colleagues and friends.

digital checklist

The following gives a general overview of what I consider to be important:

Do you update your website regular?

The majority of websites will have a CMS (content managed system) which enables the website to be updated. Some systems are user friendly, whilst others are confusing and only suited to web developers or those with suitable IT skills.

Keeping customers informed of your business offering is crucial, so a website with an easy to use CMS is preferable than having a static site that is time confusing to update.

Your website should:

  • Regularly updates to content
  • Mobile friendly
  • HTTPS connection
  • Submitted to Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics integrated

Domain Management / Ownership

Are you the legal owner of your domain? You can check this by doing a WHOIS look up in Google or contacting Nominet or asking your web developer/hosting provider.

I implore all businesses to ensure that their domain is registered with the correct details. If your contact details are incorrect you run the risk of someone else taking ownership.

Your domain name is a valuable company asset and should be considered as such.

Google Analytics and Google Business/Maps

Integrating Google Analytics into your website is a useful tool to see how well your website is performing. Most reputable web developers and agencies should have included this when setting up your website. You will receive, daily, weekly or monthly stats that are invaluable for planning website updates or SEO strategies.

Google Maps / Business is a free resource to list your business details, address and telephone number.

Emails Accounts

Having an email that includes your domain shows you mean business and lets you keep business and personal emails separate. For example is preferable than

If you haven’t already got what I call a “proper” email they are easy and fairly low priced to set up. Options include using G-Suite, individual account costs as little as £4 per month. Check with your hosting provider as most will give ability to include email accounts.

An exchange server email is what I call the “best option”, costs start from £6per month upwards depending on how may email accounts you require. Exchange server has 100 GB storage capacity and you can sync your email across multiple devices.

Being Organised with email management is business critical

Email is an invaluable admin tool and by having client folders and saving emails into respective folders saves time and is a smarter way to locate previous correspondence.

I know not everyone is organised or sees the benefit of good house-keeping, but I consider this business critical that I can retrieve client information instantly and dig out correspondence that is necessary, without having to trawl through endless emails.

Summary – Keeping your business resilient

“Working smarter not harder” seems more prevalent than ever in today’s uncertain times. The reduced workload has given Giraffe the opportunity for some house-keeping and looking at ways to continue to help and assist my clients and the wider community.


Barney and Frankie are taking on board the sense of community and met up with their good friend Pickle the cockapoo!

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