How a well set up CMS can facilitate growth and ultimately online success for your business or organisation

Giraffe growing clients with MODx

When a customer has a content management system that is secure, robust and more importantly a website looks exactly what they imagined it to be, not all roads have to lead to Wordpress or Magento.

MODx is one of many opensource content management systems used for website development and Giraffe has been using this as its preferred CMS for over five years, during which time we have become specialists in Modx development and bespoke web design.

Where We Were

Giraffe had previously used Wordpress, Magento and Moodle for several clients but we were never 100% happy with what they offered as a web solution. So, we started to research other options that fitted best with how we do things.

A colleague introduced the MODx system and Giraffe soon mastered the basics and got to grips with the framework, ease of use and ability to create any bespoke design.

This period coincided with Nate (our tech guru) joining the Giraffe team, and both Nate and myself were soon tackling projects we would have previously turned away from.

Comfortable With A Way Of Working

As we continue to use MODx, so our knowledge has grown and no two sites are the same, both in terms of front end but more importantly back end configuration.

The basic MODx installation gives Giraffe a platform to provide bespoke design and manager functionality tailored to our customers specific needs and content.

The MODx system offers:

  • Easy-to-use site-tree
  • Simple template framework that forms basis of all websites
  • Customisable chunks (html) for specific functionality
  • Script integration
  • SEO friendly
  • Light footprint to assist SEO

This tailored approach compliments the “Giraffe” ethos, in that we strive to give clients an individual service, no two sites are identical and the freedom MODx provides enables us to deliver web solutions to suit client objectives and expectations.

The Wordpress Scenario

Giraffe keeps an eye on the local creative industry and completely understand why many companies use Wordpress, which has both good and detrimental points (especially if not configured or set up properly).

Wordpress can be easily installed and an expert Wordpress developer is worth his or her weight in gold, however even a person with limited technical knowhow can produce an impressive website, which can also have pitfalls, that someone less technical will not be aware of.

The MODx community is developer led and small compared to Wordpress, however the level of support and shared knowledge between like-minded MODx users is second to none.

Several projects have presented Giraffe with functionality we have not tackled before but the MODx community has helped point us in the right direction and this have allowed Giraffe to produce some great web projects and at same time grow the business and expand our expertise.

Lets Conclude

In summary the MODx system has benefitted both our customers and helped Giraffe expand and become more expertise in projects we wouldn’t have considered tackling several years ago. It’s a platform we are comfortable with and more importantly helping others with an integral part of their business.