Managed Hosting with Giraffe Design

For extra peace of mind Giraffe Design offers managed hosting on cloud servers, located in UK based data centres.

The question ‘What is managed hosting?’ can be difficult to answer. The term is slightly ambiguous which has led to service providers delivering a slightly different version of the same service; all under the heading of ‘managed hosting’.

Managed hosting usually includes the following:

Server Monitoring – This is the process of scanning the servers in search of any irregularities or potential failures; when done in a timely fashion, these problems can be rectified before they develop into major issues or service disruption.

Security – This includes virus scanning, spam filtering, firewall configuration and operating system updates in addition to standard physical data centre security measures. Security is important on any computer system/network, but it is especially important when dealing with personal or business critical data and information.

Full Back-up and Storage – It is vital that all critical or personal information is backed up and stored securely.

Server Configuration and Maintenance – Managed hosting providers can offer specialist staff with the expertise to ensure that the hosting solution is initially configured to meet the customer’s requirements effectively and subsequently, to perform the necessary server maintenance to keep the platform running smoothly.

Support – An attractive benefit of managed hosting is that if there ever is an issue there is always qualified support on hand.

Flexibility – Managed Hosting is a flexible solution, not a one size fits all service and providers can work with customers to achieve a solution tailored to suit the budget and individual requirements of their business.

Advantages of managed cloud hosting are as follows:

Consistent availability – Designed on a high availability and private-cloud structure, it uses effective redundancy via its various servers, storage area network (SAN) and storage protection for reliable failover protection.

Automated resource balancing and failover – If a host stops working, cloud servers are at an advantages due to their consistently available infrastructure.

Affordable – The costs of a managed cloud are as effective as most public cloud hosting.