Why we use MODX?

Why we use MODX

Quite often the first question a potential client may ask is "will you use Wordpress?", and the answer is no we use "MODX".

The first thing to understand is a Content Management System (CMS) is a definite requirement, that will enable you to make updates, add or delete pages, edit text and upload images easily and without paying a web developer.

Secondly we are not knocking Wordpress, and it has its place as an easy-to-use CMS platform.

Extending MODX

Wordpress relies on plug-ins, and there are hundreds if not thousands to choose from, which to the un-informed user give a great choice and many options to install a gallery or an event calendar. However some plug-ins can be insecure and also have significant performance issues.

It's fairly easy to spot a Wordpress site as they usually have many stylesheets and scripts in the head tags, and multiple HTTP requests can slow your website down.

The MODX framework means a developer can create the HTML and CSS, and easily integrate extras that wont't affect the website performance, resulting in code that is clean and efficient.

Maximising your Budget and Total Creative Freedom

MODX gives Giraffe Design the freedom to design and build great looking bespoke websites, without spending vasts amounts of time on unecessary development. MODX is a tool that allows us to be creative and doesn't impose restrictions or force comprimises.

Building bespoke websites in Wordpress is a lot less flexible and can be very complex. Many choose to buid sites from scratch using Wordpress themes but these often have limitations and result in more time being spent on development.

User-Friendly Administation

At first glance the MODX back-end manager looks complicated but with some simple instructions our clients easiliy manage their websites. The resource tree allows access to page structure, site elements and files all in one place. When editing the site pages you see a WYSIWIG editor window that has become the norm for the majority of CMS.

The MODX admin area is customisable making the system perfect for both small and large organisations.

Security made Simple

No CMS is 100% safe from potential site hackers, however getting the basics of security right is easy with MODX. You can run MODX on a web server with the important 'core' files hidden away from the 'public' folder.

Visit any Wordpress website and add /wp-admin to the domain name and you will be presented with a log-in screen, and any hacker could starts a 'brute force' attack.


MODX is not for 'non-coders', and Wordpress will always be an easy way to set up a website, but the team at Giraffe Design belives it is one of the best platforms available right now.

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