YATM 2018. What Was It Like?

The very first You Are The Media 2018 conference was held at the end of May, in Bournemouth, and it proved a big success.


A big thank you goes out to Mark Masters of the ID Group, he has built up a community of like-minded people who share his values in how good content, no matter what the media is proving invaluable.

Over the last couple of years Mark has organised a series of workshops as well as his You Are The Media lunchclubs, which have grown in popularity.

Much of the success is down to Mark’s enthusiasm and approachability. He is a breath of fresh air where many events can be a uninspiring and clique.

The Conference Speakers

The Shelley Theatre in Bournemouth was the perfect venue, and I began my creative journey back in 1989 studying at Shelley Park (now divided into a surgery, the Theatre and Flats) when it was part of the Bournemouth & Poole College of Art & Design.

Jason Miller from Linkedin began the day sharing his perspective of how “long term” content performs better than the usual short blog format we all see.

“Marketing Nirvana” was the theme of Sonja Jefferson, who runs Valuable Content as well learning in Bristol pub, #pubschool.

What an insight into how dedication and sheer bloody mindedness can achieve anything, with Tim and Tarryn Poulton and their life changing journey with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).

Pretty inspirational on how they achieved a massive following after launching their website and series of videos that explain how lifestyle and diet can help many women that are struggling to have a family and live with PCOS.

Simon Swan shared his challenges at the Met Office and how they are delivering digital content to support multiple audiences.

Speaker, author and innovator Jon Burkhart enthralled the audience with his observations about distraction, slowing down and #constantcuriosity and not to go open sea swimming!

The conference concluded with the Mark Schaefer, author of six best selling marketing books and keynote speaker, from Tennessee, USA. I must admit that I’ve never taken time to read any kind of marketing book, however Marks talk was engaging and I have ordered my very first “must read” marketing book #KNOWN.

The hard part now is putting into practice some of what I have taken from the YATM 2018 conference, and to push myself and Giraffe to develop ongoing content to help support the various businesses we work with.

I look forward to the next YATM event and a road trip to an AFC Bournemouth away game in the Premier League with fellow AFCB devotee Mark!