Felice Hodges

Felice Hodges – International Artist

Gallery Website

Felice Hodges is an internationally renowned abstract artist based in Dorset and tasked the team at Giraffe to design a contemporary website to promote her work.

Felice’s use of vibrant colour and flowing, active lines permeate much of her work, she uses acrylic, gouache, ink, watercolour, oil sticks and charcoal, usually combined in a single work and with the added dimension of collage.

The brief was to build a responsive website which depending on browser size would display images at certain breakpoints, for example two images may fill the width of browser, but if make browser smaller the image breakpoint would change and then you’d see three images in the same space.

Each image also has a full-width lightbox in order to display the paintings to maximum effect.

  • Design visually orientated website
  • Built in WordPress
  • Edit images supplied
  • Provide ongoing hosting & support
  • SEO optimised

What we did…

  • Bespoke website
  • Edit images supplied
  • SEO Optimised

Stewart at Giraffe Design, has been hugely helpful in the development of my website over several years. For my art practice, I needed someone who had the creative insights and skills to make a visually stunning site, and to keep up with all the modifications this would entail. Stewart’s input and dedication have been reassuringly welcome.

Felice Hodges – Abstract Artist