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Key components that provide foundation for a succesful eCommerce website…

Careful planning, a well-executed website build, products that customers want, a seamless customer journey and a fast-loading website are key components that ensure your eCommerce website meets your objectives and drives sales.

Creating a positive User Experience

Creating a positive User Experience is essential for meeting your business challenges

Over the last 12 months the team at Giraffe have worked on several web projects where the business in question was relying on a website that did not engage well with users and was almost detrimental to the business.

A WordPress website provides many benefits…

We don’t consider a website as “just a website”, it’s more than that: it’s a toolbox full of the useful mechanisms that solve business challenges and aligns with your business processes.

common barriers to web projects

Common Barriers many businesses face when it comes to tackling a new website

To overcome these barriers and ensure the success of your website project, it’s essential to invest time and effort into creating a comprehensive and detailed scope of work. This should include clear project objectives and timelines…

The Giraffe Story

Giraffe Design or “Giraffe” began in April 1999 and started out as an artworker providing holiday cover for several local agencies, and I soon started helping local businesses with web-based projects and quickly taught myself the basics for web design.