The Giraffe Story

A little bit about Stewart and Giraffe to start with…

Stewart owner of Giraffe Design in Bournemouth

Giraffe Design or “Giraffe” began in April 1999 and started out as an artworker providing holiday cover for several local agencies, and I soon started helping local businesses with web-based projects and quickly taught myself the basics for web design.

What we do…

Design bespoke websites, write engaging content, create stand out branding and SEO strategies

  • We immerse ourselves into the business…
  • We recognise your uniqueness…
  • Formulate a plan…
  • Look at a business need objectively…
  • Take on those challenges, leaving you time to do what you do best, develop your products, services and customer relationships and grow your business

We provide our clients with websites they can use as a tool to grow, whether that’s to increase brand visibility, build sales or streamline operations.

Our unwavering dedication and passion delivers solutions for a wide range of businesses and organisations that drives; sales, greater usability and awareness within the intended marketplace.

The ‘process’ is to listen, form a plan of action and execute to the highest standards in order to meet the business’s aspirations.

Achieve better outcomes

When you decide to use Giraffe I like to think we become a team, as I have found that both professionally and in sporting pursuits the best results come from teamwork, good communication and the pursuit of a shared vision.

As a business owner myself I understand many of the challenges businesses face, and for too long worked with a blinkers on attitude myself, but have realised when you talk through issues/problems or just get a colleagues opinion, you get a fresh perspective, greater clarity and confidence to tackle anything.

In summary

We don’t consider a website as “just a website” it’s more than that… it’s a toolbox full of useful mechanisms that solve business challenges and aligns with your day-to-day business processes.

A client recently referred to me as a “Wise Giraffe” for the way the Giraffe team guided her along the website process, how we put a plan in place, reminded her to keep to the schedule and delivered a solution both client and we are proud of.

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We work with a wide range of businesses including:

Petworth Festival
Heathside Travel
eBike Motor Centre
Urban & Country Homes
Motorhome Heroes