Why we use WordPress as our prefered CMS of choice…

We don’t consider a website as “just a website”, it’s more than that: it’s a toolbox full of the useful mechanisms that solve business challenges and aligns with your business processes.

The team at Giraffe specialise in bespoke built websites based on the WordPress platform, which provides all the functionality we require to deliver solutions that meet business challenges.

why we use wordpress as our CMS of choice

Bespoke Design

Following the project brief we proceed to design visuals showing all the core pages required for the website that meet the clients objectives in providing a solution that is both engaging and user friendly to deliver the right outcome.

Custom blocks and theme settings

We use WordPress as the core framework and then build custom theme that includes the various compoment parts of the website, such as ‘hero” slider, header and footer, customisable blocks, gallery, blog, forms etc

By using ACF (advanced custom fields) we are able to create various component parts that follow the intended design. These components are interchangeable and allow the required web pages to be built with a great deal of flexibility. Its almost like we create a kit of parts that enable the site admin to create endless pages in a fairly idiot proof manner.

Minimal Plugins / Future proof

WordPress is a widely used platform with thousands of available plugins that provide a host of functions, however we use minimal plugins that ensure our bespoke websites are both functional and have the required features but also ensure the website performance is not affected and reduces potential security risks from hackers.

Our Bespoke Website are Optimised for Performance

A well coded theme with a light footprint is an essential part of ensuring a website loads quickly and provides an excellent user experience. Other aspects that help performance include; optimising images prior to uploading, enabling caching to reduce server load times, combining CSS and JavaScript files and following best practise to protect site from potential attacks can all impact website performance.

Giraffe hosting offers superior website performance

We provide hosting and ongoing support and our dedicated server is excellent choice for large websites, e-commerce platforms, web applications with high traffic, and businesses with specific hosting needs and is far better than a shared server when you require high performance, resource control, security, customization, scalability, and reliability.

A client recently referred to me as a “Wise Giraffe” for the way the Giraffe team guided her along the website process, how we put a plan in place, reminded her to keep to the schedule and delivered a solution both client and we are proud of.

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