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Website and Brand Creation

Triple Yellow provides bid writing services for businesses across Dorset and their online presence was fairly basic and didn’t align with the high standards of service they provide.

The first phase of the project was to design a new brand identity, which then formed the basis of the new website and all future online promotional activities.

The second phase was the website design and build, a photoshoot was organised to provide a library of good quality photos of Sarah (The Business Owner and driving force behind Triple Yellow), and these resulted in a website with a personal angle to make more engaging and highlights Sarah’s role in the business.

  • Bespoke WordPress theme
  • Brand identity
  • Source images / organise photoshoot

Once the website was launched additional SEO Optimisation was necessary to improve page load times for mobile devices.

SEO Optimisation included:

  • Improve page load speed times
  • Removed external fonts from CSS
  • Minified and concataged JS and CSS
  • Added htaccess file cache policy
  • Removed reCaptcha (Google) replaced with hCaptcha (GDPR compliant)

What we did…

  • Design new logo
  • Bespoke website
  • Organise photoshoot
  • SEO optimised

SEO Benefits for eCommerce

Increased User Stats since website was launched

SEO statistics


Users increased by

SEO statistics


Monthly page views

SEO statistics


SEO Score increased from 45%!

Triple Yellow Bid Writing Services