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Mach 1 Engineering

Mach 1 Engineering is the approved partner for installation and servicing of Renzacci and Barbanti wet cleaning and finishing machinery, for use in Dry Cleaners and Laundries across the United Kingdom.

Creative Delivery: Giraffe Design was refered to Mach 1 Engineering by an existing client and our initial remit of work was the creation of a corporate identity and setting up the various email accounts. We then designed and built a new website to explain the various services that were available and the extensive range of "Wet Cleaning" and "Finishing" equipment that Mach 1 Engineering install and service.

A bespoke theme was created and the site built in Wordpress with the "shop" pages utilising Woocommerce, which enables products to be easily added.

The website timescale from start to finish was approx 8 weeks.

Visit website:

Site went live: 2020

Services provided: Website design / Maintenance & support / Hosting / Corporate Identity / Email Accounts

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