Mach 1 Engineering

Mach 1 Engineering

Brand Creation & New Website

Mach 1 Engineering provides installation and repairs for commercial wet cleaning and laundry services throughout England, including laundries, care homes, and sports clubs.

To promote the services and products available a product based website was designed and built, where users can see the range of dry cleaning, wet cleaning and finishing machines.

Design of Brand Identity

The first phase of the project was the creation of a logo that sits well withing the industry marketplace.

Website Design & WordPress Build

The second phase was the planning, design and implementation of a product-based website, that was integrated with WooCommerce which allows the easy management of 90 products split into 40 categories.

  • Design website
  • Build in WordPress &b integrate WooCommerce
  • Edit images supplied
  • Provide ongoing hosting & support
  • SEO optimised

eCommerce management

WooCommerce enables the products to be easily managed and provides seamless integration into the WordPress manager.

  • Seamless WordPress integration
  • Cost-effective eCommerce solution
  • Extensive customisation options
  • Secure and reliable

What we did…

  • Bespoke website
  • Edit images supplied
  • SEO Optimised
Mach 1 Engineering